"I would highly recommend Jordan. His enthusiasm and dedication are his main attributes but also his knowledge in the Sport Psychology field is tremendous. He will be able to analyse and equip athletes to perform better in a competitive environment or help them manage other mental aspects of the game."


"Jordan is always available for anyone that needs to talk to him and I believe he has been vital for many individuals who have been working with him on a 1 to 1 basis. Having someone around who will just listen and not judge is great. I would have no problems recommending Jordan as a sports psychologist. Anyone who can come into a sport like women's football and get hard core footballers to sit in a classroom and listen deserves great credit. The club is lucky to have him."


"Working individually with Jordan helped me a lot. I find him very easy to talk to therefore I can tell him exactly what I am thinking and he always finds something to do that will help me."


“I would definitely recommend Jordan to other athletes who need his help. The personality and compassion that Jordan has are the perfect qualities for a sport psychologist”


“Working with Jordan proved very helpful for me and I think his support would definitely be useful for those that would need it. It was effective”