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How I Work

My work is most effective when working with an athlete, coach or team who have a desire to change and improve; the client must want and be ready for my support. My approach is always client-centred; I ensure that I am meeting the needs of the client and that the process is client-led at all times. Furthermore, I work with individuals on the basis that they are a person first and an athlete second. Although improving sporting performance is a key goal, it is not the only aim of my support. I believe that when it comes to behaviour change, the relationship shared between the client and I is the most important factor and this, in combination with a tailored intervention, can elicit desired change. Finally, sport psychology is not a quick fix and my work looks to gain an understanding of the root issue before attempting to resolve it, as opposed to solely treating the symptoms. It’s like having a cold – you can use a tissue to blow your nose and deal with one of the symptoms, however unless you treat the root cause, you will still have a cold.

How The Process Works

My support is tailored to individuals; as individuals are unique, my support is unique to them. As a result, the process is different for each individual. However, the process will always begin with a FREE introductory session, used to diagnose the issue and form an effective relationship. This initial meeting will be used to estimate the consultation period and establish priorities that we will work on together over the agreed number of sessions. This meeting will also be used to explain how both my support and the process works, and talk you through my contract detailing expectations and terms of my support. Importantly, I offer complete confidentiality to all my clients and so should we decide to work together, we will do so privately.

Typically, consultation periods will last between 6 and 12 sessions, with each session lasting between 1 to 2 hours long, and payment shall be discussed at the initial meeting once the length of the consultation period has been established.